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Products: LaserShark™


LaserShark™ is a high end 3D laser camera or laser profiler for use on AUVs and ROVs. It has a long range and a wide swath width.
Currently LaserShark™ is in a product development phase after completing a reserach project in cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime.

This picture shows the LaserShark™ housings. Camera unit (right), laser unit (middle) and water pump (left).


The system has the following features:

  • High optical laser light output power
  • Large aperture wide angle lens collecting more light, a "fast" lens
  • High camera line rate, high "frame rate"
  • Fully synchronised 3D and grey level images
  • Optional daylight block filter for easier shallow water operation
  • Low power


The system has the following benefits:

  • Longer range than other optical imaging systems giving:
  • Large swath width giving:
  • Higher survey and inspection efficiency
  • Higher resolution than typical multi-beam sonar systems
  • Visual and 3D images for easy interpretation


The LaserShark™ system can be used for the following applications:

  • Inspection of subsea structures, pipelines and cables
  • Survey of potential routes for pipelines and cables
  • Resource mapping
  • Marine biology and environmental monitoring
  • Marine archaeology
  • Mine hunting and naval reconnaissance

This picture shows the LaserShark laser fan. One can see that the seabed has different heights along the laser line.


The advance information datasheet for the LaserShark™ system can be downloaded here (pdf-format).

Bottomm line: NEO Subsea AS
NEO Subsea AS is targeting market segments within High-End Optical Underwater Systems for Offshore AUV and ROV use.
NEO Subsea AS is commercialising technology developed by Norsk Elektro Optikk AS.
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