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LaserShark™ (Advance information)

LaserShark™ is a high performance laser based imaging system optimised for AUV and ROV use. This is a laser camera or laser profiler that scans the seabed line by line. It has a wide swath width as well as a long range. You can read more about the LaserShark system here.

The LaserShark™ camera system is designed for AUV and ROV use. The LaserShark gives both grey level images as well as a 3D profile of the seabed.
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The LaserShark laser fan. High power optical output gives high performance.
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The LaserShark hardware. The laser unit as well as the camera unit of the system.


TileFish™ is a LED based camera system generating an image mosaic of the seabed. It has a low power consumption and is optimised for use on Hugin AUVs. TileFish is available in monochrome and colour versions. You can read more about the TileFish system here.

The TileFish™ low power camera system uses LED illumination.
TileFish gives grey level images of the seabed. TileFish is also available in colour. The TileFish camera unit. Available in several depth ratings.
TileFish was orignally developed for use on Hugin AUVs.

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